There has never been a more powerful time in our history for women to join together in sisterhood, healing, growth, and personal and entrepreneurial success mastery than now.

As a community, the Unlimited Woman 6-Figure Club focuses on:

  • Bringing women back together in real, authentic, vulnerable gatherings that deepens our relationships and builds sisterhood.
  • Reminding women who they are as divine spiritual beings with unlimited potential and possibilities
  • Providing mentorship, guidance, and support that help more women blossom in their unique path to living life abundantly, unlimited all while building lucrative, sustainable businesses that makes a global impact
  • Helping women develop their personal and entrepreneurial success mastery skills that empowers to brand, message, and business confidence and influence
  • More specifically, our core focus is to help women entrepreneurs build 6-figure businesses making $250,000 or more in five years or less. We believe that when a woman learns how to allow herself to become unlimited in the area of money and financial practices, she will experience higher levels of self-confidence that will support her in healing herself, her family, her community, and the world.

As a member of our Club, you will have access to:

  • Various mastery courses (some free or for cost)
  • On-going mentorship and training in our private Facebook community
  • Success Coaching Services (receive the support you need to building your 6-figure lifestyle and business)
  • 1-yr digital subscription to Unlimited Woman Magazine
  • Expert Interviews and Masterclasses (you'll learn insider secrets from top 6-figure feminine entrepreneurs)
  • Affiliate opportunity (as a member, you can receive affiliate monthly payments for promoting the Club)
  • Opportunity to apply for the Unlimited Woman Business Grant ($250 to $1000 per quarter - launching October 2018)
  • Receive 20% discount on all Unlimited Woman Alliance programs, products, coaching services, and events (live and virtual)

Our amazing future partnerships through the Alliance will allow us to bring more courses to our members in helping with continue to master health, breaking the cycle of overwhelm, money/finances, leadership, visibility, and so much more.

Join now for upcoming opportunities and events.


We are committed to helping women develop mastery in their personal life and business, which includes learning a holistic approach to discovering their unique path to building their 6-figure lifestyle and business.

Monthly training, expert interviews and masterclasses will have an emphasis on:

  • Breaking the cycle of overwhelm
  • Developing inner self-confidence
  • Managing your energy for higher level of unlimited success
  • Supercharge your attraction and manifestation skills
  • Entrepreneurship 101
  • Learn the basis of building a lucrative, sustainable business (money and wealth building strategies
  • Additional topics will be added over time

Our upcoming training, expert interviews, and masterclasses for 2018 are as follows (list below is subjected to change without notice):


  • Dr. Anita M. Jackson
    FREE 5-Day Freedom Challenge - How to Break Free of the Cycle of Overwhelm (5/21 - 25/2018 - private Facebook Group)


  • Dr. Anita M. Jackson
    30-Day Unlimited Woman Overwhelm Detox Program

August - Masterclasses

  • Success Clearing Session with Dr. Anita and Guest Expert Jimmy Mack (these are POWERFUL sessions to help you clear negative and low-level energy that prevents you from having unlimited success)
  • Using Feng Shu to Clear Your Path to More Money - Dr. Anita and Judy Richardson -Schroeder, Founder and CEO of Guidance Within Coaching
  • Dr. Anita M. Jackson - The Ultimate Freedom Program (Part 1)
    Breaking The Cycle of Overwhelm

September - Guest Expert Interview

  • Jessica Riverson - Founder and CEO of Permission to Charge
    Why You Need to Charge Your Worth to Reach Your 6-Figures
  • Dawniel Winningham - Founder and CEO of MillionaireNetworking
    Your Money Plan is CRUCIAL to Unlimited Success
  • Dr. Malaika Singleton - Founder and CEO Singleton Investments
    Learn The Basics of Managing Your Money for 6-Figure Growth

October - Guest Expert Interviews

  • Rahama Wright - Founder and CEO of - Shea Yelean
    (beauty and skin-care company)
    Developing Resilience Will Save Your Sanity in Building a 6-Figure Business
  • Debbie Belnavis-Brimble - Founder and CEO of Inner Brilliance Academy
    Mastering Your Inner Brilliance

November - Guest Expert Interviews

  • Debbie Hoffman - Founder and CEO of Power Up Your Follow Up
    Your Money is in Your Power Follow Up Skills
    (sales and direct sales emphasis)

December - Masterclass Training

  • Dr. Anita M. Jackson
    Founder and CEO of The Unlimited Woman Alliance

    Preparing Yourself for Unlimited Success in 2019

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As part of our online membership, we will be offering several free and paid courses from
Dr. Anita, our Success Mastery Experts, and Guest Mastery Trainers and Speakers to help you on your journey of personal and entrepreneurial mastery.

Become a member and receive immediate access to:

  • 30-Day to Manifest Your Success Series
  • The 21-Day Feminine Success Challenge - Mindset Mastery
  • Lifestyle Mastery Program for the New Unlimited Woman
  • 5-Day Freedom Challenge - How to Break Free of the Cycle of Overwhelm (releasing June)
  • Elevate Your Wealth Mastery (releasing June)
  • And so much more...

In addition, as a member of our Club, you will also receive immediate access to:

  • The Unlimited Woman Radio Show with Dr. Anita (several episodes)
  • Outrageous Success Women's TV
  • 1-year digital copy of Unlimited Woman Magazine (

We've also uploaded several resources for your review at any time. Most, if not all, are downloadable for your immediate use.

Stay connected as we add more courses, programs, products, and resources for your unlimited success.


There is nothing more powerful than having the opportunity to connect to other like-minded women. The Club provides for its members with an assortment of events that include major live events, one or three-day long events, weekend training sessions, retreats, and annual cruises. These events are designed to create a powerful environment that will raise your self-esteem, recharge and realign you energetically, as well as offer opportunities to deepen your knowledge while growing your network.

Live Upcoming Events 2019
Dates and themes are subject to change without notice

March 15 - 16, 2019
EMPowering Women's History Month - Changing The Future, Changing History
Anaheim, CA

May 17 - 18, 2019
Unlimited Woman, Make Your Money - Learning What It Means to Be Wealthy
Pasadena, CA

September 20 - 21, 2019
Event Topic TBA
Event Location TBA