At the Club, we believe in mentoring women in developing success mastering in four key areas in order to fulfill our mission.

Stating again here, our Club's mission is to bring together a powerful community of spiritual, heart-centered, highly ambitious, like-minded women who desire to become profitable 6-figure leaders and business owners while creating a lifestyle and experience that empowers women worldwide to do the same.

Our Club consists of network opportunities, training, guest speakers, and mentorship, and social gatherings to help our members develop in personal and entrepreneurial success mastery that leads to having a strong, sustainable, 6-figure profitable business and unlimited lifestyle.

We accomplish this in four ways:

Personal Success Mastery
Our focus here is to help every club member develop profound, visceral clarity about who she is as a woman and feminine entrepreneur while also developing her deep spiritual and energetic DNA that powerfully influences her vibrational signature that enables her to attract and manifest unlimited success in every area of her life

Financial Success Mastery
Our focus here is to teach our club members innovative information and strategies to building a strong, long-lasting, lucrative business of any type while focusing on passive and residual income, safe and guaranteed investments, as well as other profitable practices and activities that lead to financial stability. We strongly believe that when women begin to allow themselves to become financially secure, independent, and free, she will radically transform herself, her family, her community, and the world. We also strongly believe that every feminine entrepreneur must transform her wealth and money consciousness, behaviors, and money practices in order to maintain her 6-figure income. We believe $250,000 in profit is a powerful financial bracket for every woman to pursue. Our intention is to help women accomplish this financial goal in five years or sooner.

Brand Association and Collaboration
(Entrepreneur Success Mastery)
Our focus here is to bring women together for the purpose of promotion, collaboration, joint ventures and so much more. We strongly believe it is easier to become unlimited and successful when in partnership with the right sisterhood than struggling in trying to do it all alone. We also believe in the referral process and benefit and encourage our club members to support each other’s businesses for continued growth and momentum.

Law of Reciprocity
Our focus here is to implement and activate the spiritual and universal law of giving AND receiving. In this area of focus, we desire to encourage 6-figure women to become philanthropic by becoming Angel Investors to other women entrepreneurs. This goes powerfully with number 3 above.

Increased Visibility
Our focus here is to help more women entrepreneurs become highly visible experts, leaders, speakers, and coaches offering services and products that bring about transformation, healing, and unlimited success to our families, communities, and the world.
As a club member, we have a few requirements and group rules. They are as follows:

Give space to all voices, ideas, experiences, and transformation

Let’s truly be inclusive in allowing all women to be where there are while at the same time loving them into their greatness and unlimited potential

You agree to take 100% responsibility

for your journey, process, and success in this club

The information and practices offered in this club are designed to support your healing, up-leveling, transformation and unlimited success in your personal life and business. Information shared here is not offered to conflict with your belief systems and/or faith. If the information offered in this club doesn’t not align with your highest value and beliefs, we suggest that you do not use them. However, we also encourage you to be open to new ways of thinking, feeling, seeing, hearing, and processing information shared throughout this 6-figure adventure to help you develop a new mindset about yourself and the lifestyle you create throughout our time together.

Never judge, criticize, or belittle

another women in this club

Stay committed to your own and this club’s evolution and transformation
We are all very busy. As women, we have a tendency to put others before ourselves causing us to often feel overwhelmed, out of balance, frustrated, tired, unfulfilled, dissatisfied, and broke. Being “busy” can keep us feeling and experiencing powerlessness. By staying committed to yourself and the journey of this Club, you begin to take back your power in many ways and transform the negative patterns that keep us from manifesting and experiencing our dreams and desires easily and consistently.

Keep a beginner’s mind – Eliminate the “I already know this” mentality
Most of us possess a great wealth of information. Too much information can often time be the very thing that prevents us from being open to new concepts, ideas, opportunity, etc. Keeping a beginner’s mind opens you up to new possibilities of learning more about yourself, life, and building your 6-figure business.

Be Open
Openness in this Club means allowing everything to flow to you, for you and through you without judgment. As you learn new information in the Club, instead of trying to “condition” it to your current way of understanding, allow all information to be just as it is, new. This relates to Agreement #4 – Keep a beginner’s mind – Eliminate “I already know this”

Engagement is essential our Club’s unlimited success
The more interactive you are in this club by sharing your expertise, stories, resources, asking questions, giving appropriate feedback, or anything else that will support you and our club’s growth is highly encouraged. The more we develop our club culture, community, and trust, the higher our sisterhood, aligned relationships will be ultimately increasing our energetic vibration for unlimited success.

Ultimately, this club is about having fun in creating the life you want, need and desire NOW.